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Albany Men's Health

Men’s Resource Centre (MRC) is based in Albany and provides health and referral services to the Lower Great Southern Health District.

MRC’s vision is to encourage men to take responsibility for their health and participate in services that can help develop their wellbeing with a holistic approach.  MRC is a not-for-profit registered charitable organization focused on raising holistic awareness of men’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues.  MRC was formed in Albany in 2005 and relies on financial donations to assist with community work.

Mount Romance is proud to be part of the Great Southern community.  In 2010 Mount Romance became the proud sponsor of the MRC, helping to support the important work that this organisation does.

MRC Free Pitstop Health Check
MRC Pitstop Health Check is a dynamic and innovative health screening tool designed to raise men’s physical and mental health awareness. It is based on a mechanical concept likening parts of the body to an engine. It has been thoroughly evaluated and has proven success rate, and is shown to be effective at improving men’s knowledge of health issues and the value of seeing their GPs on a regular basis.


MRC Free Pitstop Health Check includes:

  • Oil Pressure: Blood Pressure Check
  • Chassis: Waist & Weight Measurement Check
  • Shock Absorbers: Mental Wellbeing Check
  • Fuel Additives: What fuel to use

MRC staff are available to deliver Free Pitstops wherever men gather or drop into their office at 65 Serpentine Road, Albany WA and get run over the pits.

MRC Executive board and staff come from health professionals, government agencies, business, industry and community groups. We have a wide range of experience with supporting, educating, training and networking with men and their families from diverse backgrounds. MRC staff excel in networking and building relationships with local businesses and outside resources so clients can build their education, physical, psychological and mental health needs, their personal development, life skills and roles as parents.

Please note: MRC does not provide direct client services such as counseling, accommodation, food parcels or crisis support to individuals or families.

Important Phone Numbers
Mensline Australia 1300 789 978
Lifeline 13 11 14
Beyondblue 1300 224 636
“Just Ask” Rural mental health
info line 1300 131 114
Headspace (Youth) 08 9842 9871