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About Australian Sandalwood

Our 100% pure Australian Sandalwood essential oil is ideal for aromatherapy and is renowned for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and relaxant properties. To try a small amount of Sandalwood oil see our Relaxation Kit which includes 1mL of Sandalwood oil.

Trouble sleeping?
Try putting a few drops of our Pure Australian Sandalwood oil on a scarf and inhale slowly and deeply for 10minutes before bed.
Look forward to a good nights sleep.

 Properties of Pure Australian Sandalwood oil

Anti-inflammatory | Helping to soothe and reduce redness (Greenoak, unpublished: 2000)
Antibacterial | Works to cleanse and inhibit bugs, particularly bacteria linked to acne (Beylier & Givaudan: 1979)
Relaxant | Sandalwood has been shown to calm the mind, promote focus and general wellbeing.