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Tips For Lips

Keep your lips in top condition over summer with these simple steps;

Our lips can so easily end up dry and cracked when it’s hot or windy. They have no oil glands to keep them moisturised, and licking them only makes things worse!
To remove dry skin , try wiping gently with a soft wash cloth in the shower and to keep them smooth, moisturise with Mount Romance Sandalwood Lip Care, made from natural Sandalwood Nut Oil.

Lips are vulnerable to sun and wind damage, so protect them with a sunscreen. This is so important as our lips don’t have melanin – the pigment that protects our skin from UV. Apply a good SPF protector everytime you go out.

Unfortunately our lips can be vulnerable to cold sores. If you are vulnerable to these, try Vitamin C, reducing stress, getting plenty of rest and eating well. Talk to your pharmacist about solutions to soothe and heal an outbreak. Some of our customers have provided great feedback on the results that they have had with Mount Romance Damage Control. We love feedback, but remember this is anectdotal only and not scientifically proven in trials!

Once you have smooth, moisturised and protected lips, show them off a little with a flattering colour (try Mount Romance Aluminium- free lipsticks) or a nude cover (like Mount Romance Sandalwood Lip Care).

You’re set for beautifully kissable summer lips!