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Sandalwood Shampoo and Conditioner Reviews

Shampoo reviews

Teresa (VIC, Australia)

Customer rating:*****

I love this shampoo, you only need the smalllest amount to get your hair squeaky clean and i have found that I can usually leave my hair an extra day between washes. Use it with the Sandlewood conditioner for clean, soft hair.


Bev (NSW, Australia)

soaps up in \'hard\' water - keeps your hair & scalp fresh without an overpowering perfume. Love it.


Colin (NSW, Australia)

Customer rating:*****

Great for all hair types, scalp is clean and revitalised. Sandalwood scent is not overpowering like other scented shampoos. Excellent for keeping shine in hair without leaving residue.


Conditioner review

Customer rating:*****

This conditioner leaves my hair feeling as soft as baby\'s hair and no frizz. You don\'t need to use as much as the mass produced chemicals that you buy from the supermarket and it has a lovely soft sandlewood scent.


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