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Beauty Tips & Tricks


Winter can be the harshest season for your skin without protection against the harsh elements. Low humidity, indoor heating, and strong winds can strip the skin of its natural lipid layer which keeps the skin from drying out- resulting in flaking, itching, dehydrated and sometimes reddening skin. Ouch!

Here at Mt Romance, we've got some tips to keep you hydrated and glowing through the wintery months ahead.

  • Avoid diuretics like caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes
  • Wear lip balm to hydrate and restore moisture
  • Drink more water
  • Take warm aromatic baths
  • Use a Humidifier to counteract the drying effects of indoor heating.
  • Take special caution when travelling by plane. Humidity can be as low as 1% on a long flight, and it can take only 3 hours for your skin to become dehydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the flight, and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Select and apply our Australian Sandalwood Oil products and apply as recommended before during and after your flight.

To hydrate and restore the face, we recommend Sandalwood Facial Day Cream and Sandalwood Night Cream. These Australian Sandalwood Oil-enriched creams will hydrate even the most sensitive, environmentally damaged skins.

Application: Apply generously to face and throat as often as required for fast effective results.

Tip: To give the skin a further boost of hydration at night, apply Sandalwood Night Cream in a thicker application, like applying a mask (avoid the eye area). Leave for 15 minutes then massage the remaining cream into the skin.

In winter months it is important to protect your body, as well as your face, against the elements. Remember not to neglect your hands- having fewer oil glands and being the most exposed parts of the body, they require some extra protection and care.

Hand and Body Lotion is essential to protect the hands and body against the drying effects of hot baths and showers- even ten minutes of water exposure can dehydrate your skin. The richness of Australian Sandalwood Oil and Vitamin E will replenish and restore the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. This lotion will also help condition and nourish the cuticles.

Application: Slather all over body and hands after bathing or showering, or as often as required.

Tips: After showering or bathing pat skin with a soft fluffy towel, leaving the skin slightly moist. Then apply Hand and Body Lotion to your body.

Apply Hand and Body Lotion to your hands, and then put gloves on for extra protection and hydration.



We all love the bustle of summer barbeques, parties and outdoor events but creating a fresh summer look can be a little harder. An easy makeup routine is the best way to keep your look fresh and flattering.

We've put together some of our best tricks to help see you through the summer months, and click here to email us with any of your beauty questions - we'd love to help!


Daytime Make-up

  •  Always prepare your skin first cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply sunscreen. This will ensure makeup will stay in place all day long.
  • Always apply make-up in an area with natural light to achieve the best possible result – artificial light eg: fluoresce can throw yellow or blue cast on to the skin tone.
  • Use matt colours for a softer look.
  • Choose a lipstick or gloss that is as close to lips natural colour for more natural day look.
  • Choose neutrals for eyes - all eye colours can wear grey or taupe.

Night Looks

  • Most daytime makeup can easily be converted to night time glamour by reapplication of the same products only taking it a few steps darker.
  • Smokey eyes always work well and are easier to apply than eye liner.
  • Apply shimmer to areas of the body that you want to highlight.

If you're in a hurry:

  • Do your eyes first (you can always do foundation etc later in the car or at work before you enter the office)
  • Choose loose mineral powders that you can blend. Avoid pencils and paints that are waterproof as they are harder to remove and reapply if you make a mistake.
  • Don’t try to do make-up that’s fussy and too complicated eg: liquid eyeliner or three or more shadows.
  • Know the best colours for your eye colour (refer chart) They are the right colour for you and will always make your eyes look amazing and only take seconds to apply.
  • Keep it simple for fast results you can always touch up later on.