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Sustainable Sandalwood

Western Australia - The Home of Sandalwood

This vast land is home to over 161-million hectares of the native Sandalwood species Santalum spicatum, making this the largest natural Sandalwood resource in the world.

Australian Sandalwood has a long history of sustainability. Since the 1920's the harvests of Sandalwood have been regulated by the Western Australian government. Today this commitment is just as strong, with the Forest Products Commission (a government instrumentality) managing the fragrant species in accordance with a 150 year resource management plan and the ISO 14,001 (Environment).

Harvesters play an important role in the preservation of the species. They follow stringent regulations relating to the size and quantity of trees for harvest. A replanting program is also in place to preserve the species for the future. Sandalwood harvesters also collect the wood from trees that die naturally. For each tonne of deadwood collected a kilogram or about 400 seeds are planted.

As well as managing the wild populations of Sandalwood, large areas of Sandalwood plantations have been established. These are expected to supplement the demand for the wild supply in the future.

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