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Quality Assurance

At Mount Romance, we use international frameworks for quality and environmental management (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) to ensure we produce consistent, high quality products.

Safety and Purity

Our specialised laboratory facilities allow us to analyse the wood to ensure we know the quantity and nature of all of the constituents before the oil is extracted. This helps us to direct wood into the appropriate product stream before distillation.

Testing is undertaken at various stages of the distillation process, until a final oil is ready for dispatch. All Sandalwood oil that leaves our Albany Sandalwood Factory is then accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis, which confirms its purity and composition, as well as a Material Safety Data Sheet.

We work with a Standard procedures document that governs all instrument operation and maintenance. This ensures our operations are in best working order to deliver you the highest quality of oil. Controls are run with all oil samples, through all processes, to ensure our methodology remains optimal. External lab analyses are also used to confirm the accuracy of Mt Romance data generated on a regular basis.

Retention samples are also kept for a minimum of 5 years. This allows us to closely match future orders to the specifications of previous orders, ensuring you get the product you need. Pre-Shipment Representative Samples are also available upon request.