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Fair trade Sandalwood oil

We recognize that indigenous people have a unique knowledge and understanding of the land and its plants.
Fair trade Sandalwood oil is designed to respect this intellectual property and the rights and resources of indigenous people globally.

Mount Romance joined with indigenous leaders to create this program which aims to create sustainable business partnerships between companies and communities to share the benefits of producing fragrance ingredients.
As part of this program we help indigenous harvesters to get government licenses to collect Sandalwood. The wood collected by these groups is then distilled separate to the standard wood supply. Indigenous harvesters are then paid an additional royalty for the oil sold from their wood.

Together with our global partners, we’ve established a capital fund to assist indigenous communities to finance their involvement in this program.

Funds can be advanced to indigenous groups for anything from accommodation to equipment and training. This helps the harvesters to improve their business, offering benefits like more efficient and environmentally-responsible harvesting. This loan can then be paid back interest free from the royalty paid to the indigenous harvesters, allowing funds to be advanced to another applicant.

Mount Romance welcomes new partners in this initiative.

In 2008 growing interest from the global beauty industry saw leading brands meet in the world’s perfume capital, Grasse, France. Together, industry leaders agreed to principles, and committed to improving the industry’s sourcing practices, sustainable business models and engagement of people around the globe, forming the Natural Resources Stewardship Circle. This commitment was marked by handprints on the canvas now displayed in the Mount Romance showroom. This industry-wide commitment represented a world-first.