Bulk Oil

At Mount Romance we’re committed to delivering the best quality Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) oil to you.

Established in 1997, Mt Romance pioneered the distillation and use of Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum) and in 2008, became a part of the Quintis Group, strengthening its value as an oil distillery. Today our focus is on combining our expert distillation capabilities with our commitment to sustainability, creating an award-winning processing facility that uses renewable energy and water recycling to produce oils tailored to your specific needs through: 

  • Reliable supply - FPC wood contract

  • Organic Certification

  • Customised odour profile to suit your customer's needs

  • Internationally recognised quality assurance 

We source our wood from the Western Australian Forest Products Commission (FPC) - a government entity that works to protect and preserve this species for the future. Combined with our 20 years of distillation expertise, this contract ensures we can deliver you a reliable and consistent high-quality supply of Australian Sandalwood oil into the future. Today our 60,000m2 facility is one of the world's largest distillers of Australian Sandalwood oil and works to support local and global customers through our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical business practices. 

Our range of 100% pure, steam distilled oils include:

  • Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil

  • Double-distilled Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil

  • Organic Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil

For more information or to purchase bulk oil (1kg or more), please contact us.
To purchase smaller volumes of Pure Australian Sandalwood oil click here.


All Sandalwood oil that leaves our Albany Sandalwood Factory is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet, confirming its purity and composition.
Retention samples are kept for a minimum of 5 years, allowing us to match future orders. Pre-Shipment Representative Samples are also available upon request.


At Mount Romance our Sandalwood oil is produced using renewable energy. We collect waste wood products from nearby plantations to fuel our biomass boiler, maximizing its output whilst minimising smoke generation. Additionally, our water catchment and recycling facility reduces water usage by 80%, amounting to millions of litres of water saved each year. Click here to see more.

Ethical Business

Ethical business has always been our ethos. We're proud of the Indigenous harvesting program we pioneered and managed for nearly 15 years, delivering royalties and a capacity building fund that developed and strengthened Indigenous harvesters across the state. A mark of this success is the emergence of an indigenous-owned Sandalwood distiller.