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2bYoung Range Anti Aging Range

Through the 2bYoung Range we bring to you an exclusive combination of active botanicals for the Australian Sandalwood tree. The Australian Sandalwood Nut Protein, discovered by Mt. Romance is a world-first in anti-aging cosmetics.

For all Skin types

We recommend or 2bYoung range of products is used morning and night for best results.

Eye Treatment

2bYoung Cellular Cleansing Lotion
Description: Gentle exfoliant that helps the appearance of the skin by removing dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and clean.

Use: (morning & night) Apply to the skin to clean and freshen, then remove with water. Repeat application if wearing makeup. Product is also suitable to remove eye-makeup.
2bYoung Toner

Description: Refresh your skin and clear your mind. This alcohol free toner, closes pores and prepares the skin for moisture..

Use: After cleansing the skin apply toner, to refresh and tone the skin.


2bYoung Firming Serum

Description: This serum provides structural support for your skin and increases its firmness. Featuring the natural benefits of a unique protein extract from the Sandalwood nut.

Use: Apply to face and throat area to firm and tone the skin.

2bYoung Moisturising Cream SPF15

Description: Helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Offering sun protection, intensive moisture and the soothing properties of Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil.

Use: Apply after firming serum to hydrate and protect the skin.

2bYoung Eye Lift

Description: Gentle yet effective, this product helps visibly reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. Eyes are soothed and hydrated to reduce the long term sign of aging.

Use: Apply to the eye area and around the mouth, to firm and hydrate. May be keep in the refrigerator in warmer conditions

â–ª Tip Also may be used as a firming mask once a week. Apply an even application and leave for 15mins, then massage into skin for best results.