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Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil

Range: Sandalwood

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10mL Sandalwood Oil RRP $38.95

Let the serenity wash over you with this natural essential oil. Australian Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years by indigenous Australians as a relaxant and to promote focus.  Perfect for aromatherapy.  Perfect for use in our oil burner.

Categories: Gifts

Solutions: Stress & tension

Customer rating:*****


Customer Reviews

  • Cindy (Qld, Australia)

    Customer rating:*****

    Absolutely gorgeous Sandalwood oil. I\'ve been having a lot of trouble finding Sandalwood oil in the Noosa area, and found the Mt Romance web site in a search. When I read about the Indigenous fair trade program, and the sustainable harvesting of both green and deadwoods (for incense), I knew I\'d found the right Sandalwood products for me. I bought the deodorant as well, but have decided to rub a drop of the oil under my armpits instead - I like the purity of the single oil. Thank you xxx

  • Rita (NSW, Australia)

    Customer rating:*****

    Rita (NSW, Australia

    I LOVE your sandalwood oil - it is the only sure prevention and cure for mosquito bites I have found. A subtle, pleasant fragrance too.

  • Sally (Victoria, Australia)

    Customer rating:*****

    Whenever I visit WA I make a point of going to Albany and Mt Romance. The Cone, Gong and Bowl is a beautiful experience encompassing the essence of Sandalwood and the spiritual experience of the Gong and Bowl. An excellent place to leave behind the troubles of the day. I now have 5 scarves arrayed around my bedroom with Sandalwood oil which provides an excellent, relaxing night\'s sleep.

  • Evadne (WA, Australia)

    Customer rating:*****

    I have always had trouble sleeping. Since using just two drops of your pure Sandalwood oil on a scarf placed on my pillow, I am enjoying relaxed sleep every night.
    Thank you.

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