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Our People

Scattered throughout Western Australia’s rangeland region are the Sandalwood camps, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town.

This is where the harvesters pull the Sandalwood.

For us at Mount Romance we believe it’s essential to look after our most important asset – our people. This means training and supporting our dedicated staff and building sustainable business partnerships with the Sandalwood harvesters who span the state. 

For the some indigenous communities who live in the outback, the management of Sandalwood is an activity that involves the whole family.

These harvesters follow the harvest management regulations set by the Western Australian Forest Products Commission (FPC) (a government instrumentality).

This means a limited number of trees are harvested in each area and each tree meets the minimum size requirement. By following these principles and planting 12 seeds for every one tree harvested, the Sandalwood harvesters are helping to preserve this fragrant wood for generations to come.

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