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Why some people choose an aluminium-free deodorant.

Experience the sensual and calming notes of Australian Sandalwood as a natural alternative to aluminium based deodorants. Preserve your natural flora and allow your body to draw upon the fine aroma and anti-microbial qualities of this precious oil to protect and enhance your personal odour.

Mount Romance's Sandalwood Aluminium-free deodorant is one of our most popular items. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about it;

“This deodorant has a beautiful delicate scent and it really works! I do a lot of heavy exercise and it has never let me down.”
- Hannah (Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)

“I love the Aluminium-free Sandalwood Deodorant, it smells wonderful and is the only Aluminium-free deodorant I know that works!”
- Ellen (Flemington, Victoria)

“Sandalwood Deodorant - gentle & effective so that we can both use it.”
- Veronica (Queenstown, South Australia)

“I love Sandalwood Deodorant because my husband uses it and it smells gorgeous on him.”
- Tammy (Mount Lawley, Western Australia)

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