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Exclusive Sandalwood Protein & 2bYoung

World-First in Anti-Aging - to buy now click here

Mount Romance has created 2bYoung Anti-aging – a 3 step cosmetic skincare program designed to lock in moisture, lock out pollutants and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by 30% after a single application of the 2bYoung range*

Smoother, softer and firmer skin after 14 days of using the 2bYoung range*

The powerful combination of active natural botanicals used in 2bYoung are exclusive to Mount Romance:

Sandalwood Nut Oil – shown to increase skin softness and smoothness by 47% after a single application.*

Sandalwood Nut Protein - provides structural support for the skin, increases moisture levels and locks out pollutants to give firmer skin.

Sandalwood Oil - renowned for its relaxing and skin calming properties, results in younger clearer looking skin.

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CLEANSE & TONE - Try our 2bYoung Cellular Cleansing Lotion and Toner together to help rejuvenate skin and keep it cleansed and fresh to maximise the effects of the 2bYoung Firming Lotion, Moisturiser SPF15 and Eye Lift.

ULTRA-HYDRATION - try our 2bYoung Body Butter for silky smooth skin all over. Usint the softening effect of Sandalwood Nut oil with the uplifting fragrance of Geranium and Jasmine oil.

*Independent laboratory tests on ingredients and 2bYoung Anti-aging cosmetic products (3 Stage Pack - Firming Lotion, Moisturiser and Eye Lift).