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Bulk Oil

Organic, sustainable & quality-controlled Sandalwood

We are the world’s leading producer of Australian Sandalwood oil. Since 1999 we’ve been distilling this native tree and selling our oil to the international market.

Today we service some of the leading companies in the world, exporting oil to the USA, Middle East, China, India, Europe and the UK.

Some of our unique product features include:

  • We source organic-certified sustainable Sandalwood
  • We have a high quality oil with good Santalols and established therapeutic benefits
  • We have an excellent NEW aroma profile, exclusive to Mt Romance
  • We create our oil using renewable energy and water recycling
  • We partner with indigenous-communities in a program recognized by the United Nations
  • We work with high standards of quality control and have over 15 years of experience with Sandalwood extraction

At Mt Romance, we offer all of this to ensure that you, our client, get the highest quality of Pure Australian Sandalwood oil every time.

For more information on our bulk oil, please contact us.

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