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2bYoung Geranium and Jasmine Body Butter

Introducing the newest addition to the Mount Romance 2bYoung Range – Geranium and Jasmine Body Butter.
Reminiscent of a summer garden in bloom, indulge in the beautiful aromas of Geranium and Jasmine and enjoy the luxurious silkiness of our newest body butter. Easily absorbed and light to the touch, it will not only delight your senses, but help you relax, unwind and be beautifully moisturized at the same time. Because it forms part of our 2B Young Range, you know it contains the same properties and exclusive combinations of sandalwood ingredients that help to promote natural, youthful and beautifully soft skin.

Our natural ingredients include;

  • Sandalwood Nut Oil – increases skin softness and smoothness.
  • Sandalwood Nut Protein - provides structural support for the skin, increases moisture levels and locks out pollutants to give firmer skin.
  • Sandalwood Oil - renowned for is relaxing and skin calming properties, resulting in younger clearer looking skin.

The new 2B Young Geranium and Jasmine Body Butter is perfect as a gift for someone you love, or to buy for yourself to indulge in everyday!